In my last post, I wrote about how it takes me a long time to completely let go of something.  Well, here’s an example of that.  I woke up this morning for some reason real angry about the a-holes that… Read More ›

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  • Neuro Rehab

    The company that I work for is 100% orthopedic.  My boss has told me that down the road they would like me to maybe do some neuro rehab.  Neurological physical therapy.  This won’t happen for a few years, I certainly… Read More ›

  • Credit

    gc credit

    In my previous life, I let people walk all over me, never expressed how I truly felt, and wallowed in anger in private.  All of this anger and stress probably contributed to my stroke.  Well, a few things have changed… Read More ›

  • Pedestal


    I recently seriously misjudged someone who I formerly had on a pedestal. I was lied to by this person and severely taken advantage of at a time when I was incredibly, incredibly vulnerable.  Shame on that person.  That person should… Read More ›

  • Indifference

    I was talking to a friend a long time ago, she was talking about her ex-boyfriend and said something like “the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”  Something like that, I forget how she put it exactly but… Read More ›

  • Cramps


    Someone the other day was doing some exercises and his quadriceps muscle got a really bad cramp in it.  So here’s what I did. I had him do this exercise. I thought that might help because the exercise is to… Read More ›

  • NDT

    gc instagram

    Neurodevelopmental treatment is a certification you can get as a physical therapist that a whole lot of people use when treating stroke patients.  I don’t agree with the approach.  NDT is all about inhibiting improper movements. If you get trained… Read More ›

  • Kundalini Yoga

    The yoga I do has helped me tremendously, it was an incredible modality for me to use.  My first experience with it was with a bad teacher, one who was so bad it made me made me consider stopping it. … Read More ›

  • Sound Healing

    I went to a sound healing class yesterday and it was INCREDIBLE.  I took my mom and sister who also said it was INCREDIBLE.  It was an hour-long class of relaxation while gongs were played in a specific way.  Here… Read More ›

  • Head Transplant

    Whenever I get a bad headache, I tell my boyfriend that I’m gonna get a head transplant.  Apparently this is within the realm of possibility.  Could this be the key to stroke recovery?  Brand new heads?  It’s only 13 million… Read More ›

  • Referred Pain


    Referred pain is tricky.  Referred pain means another area of the body hurts than the part of the body that is actually messed up and causing the pain.  So your shoulder or fingers might be bothering you but it’s really… Read More ›

  • Down


    I don’t care who you are or where you came from, going downstairs and downhill is harder than going upstairs or uphill.  This is because the muscles that control that motion are working very differently.  The same muscles control the… Read More ›

  • Children


    I’ve been emailing with someone who had a stroke and has multiple kids.  Now, I’m speculating here and going to write about something that I have not experienced myself and know nothing about.  I have no children and I’m not… Read More ›

  • Meditation

    gc dent

    Sorry I’ve been so quiet the last couple of weeks, I’ve had 2 crappy dental procedures and a car problem.  Apparently my last dentist was not so great so I had to have this super-duper cleaning procedure done.  A doctor… Read More ›

  • The Highly Sensitive Person

    I am highly sensitive and things affect me greatly.  I have an incredible amount of empathy to a fault.  It affects my ability to do what I need to do.  The first example of this that I remember is when… Read More ›

  • Trendelenburg Gait

    It’s also called lurch gait.  This gait pattern I bet is really, really common in stroke survivors.  Trendelenburg gait happens when one side of the body has really weak hip abductor muscles.  This is what happens……when you’re walking…let’s use the… Read More ›

  • Closed vs. Open Pack Positions

    This is yet another phrase I haven’t seen in a few years that I saw the other day doing my chart reviews.  This goes for every joint in the body. Depending on the position you place the joint in, it’s… Read More ›

  • Catch Phrase

    I have written many, many times about how the transfer of thoughts in my head to words out of my mouth is all messed up.  My mind works light years faster than my mouth.  There is a HUGE disconnect there. … Read More ›


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