I was just brutally attacked (by words) on my own blog on this post.  If I’m helping you somehow and you’d like me to continue writing this blog, please leave a comment and say so.  According to this comment, I’m extremely offensive.  If that is the case, I want to stop.  But I think I’m […]

Social Media

The internet was created for the sole purpose of creating and sharing cat videos.  That’s it.  The why Al Gore invented the internet.  It’s very strange that Al Gore has been mentioned on my blog 2 days in a row.  Ummm, WTH?  But some other people have figured out some useful things to do with […]


I have a new job that I’ve been doing since April.  I’m reviewing charts written by physical therapists and I’ve seen this word a lot: kinesiotape.  Kinesio Tape is a brand name, the therapist is just talking about elastic tape that can be used on skin.  Doing this and taping joints into certain positions can help […]

Don’t Say These Things

At the bottom of my posts there are buttons under something that says “share this.”  Well, this blog post was shared 704 times on Facebook.  Jesus H. Christ.  I linked to this post before and I’m doing it again because obviously everyone who blew out some brain agrees with these and of these things has […]

Adherent Nerve Root

I haven’t published 2 posts in one day in a while…. I wrote a post about nerve glides the other day and it made me think of this because nerve glides, well flossing, apparently the interweb likes the term “nerve flossing” better.  Nerve flossing is the way to treat this issue.  You have back pain […]


I really need to write a book.  The author of the great Stronger After Stroke, is a Physical Therapist Assistant who has been researching nothing but strokes for I think like 20 years or something?  Maybe that number’s wrong, I loaned my book out to Pat who actually wants to learn and try to understand […]

Sciatic Nerve Mobilization

Dean found a research article stating that mobilization of the sciatic nerve can help poststroke hemiparetic leg pain.  I know about this.  Nerve glides.  It’s also called nerve flossing.  All of the nerves in the body are connected somehow to every single other nerve in the body.  It’s one giant system.  Think of a rope.  […]

Personal blog

I have been told by 6 different people, 5 different times that either I have offended, I should change the way I write or what I write about, that I should have handled some situation differently than I did, and other things that I should change.  All of these kind of things that were said […]

The good thing about having a stroke….

My voice teacher is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life.  He’s awesome.  We’ve discovered recently that I have what would have been in my previous life a pretty good singing voice, had it been trained.  Maybe someday in this life I’ll have a good singing voice.  I can get really […]


Happy Birthday Barb!! Mine was a few days ago and I dreaded it.  The last 3 birthdays I have absolutely dreaded.  Last week was incredibly emotional and depressing for me.  I thought it wouldn’t be, I thought it wouldn’t affect me like that because I have a lot of good things in my life now […]

Balanced Brain

Everyone who has had a stroke knows the name Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor.  Maybe not everyone, but if you don’t know that name, you should.  She has dedicated her life to studying the brain and then she had a stroke herself.  She’s been through the HELL, she knows.  Hers is the first book I read right […]

Lies, lies, lies

When I got sick, I was dating what I now know is the most dishonest and deceitful man I have ever met in my entire life.  I am now dating the most honest and genuine man I have ever met.  It’s like night and day.  A friend that I recently had a falling out with […]


My last post was a re-blog and so is this one,  really I’ve just become lazy and don’t feel like writing anything myself.  No, I’m kidding, these are 2 wonderful blog posts.  I want to link to this post on another blog because OH.MY.GOD.YES.

Keeping Up Appearances

Originally posted on Rocky Mountain Stroke Survivor:
I’ve realized in the last few weeks that perhaps one of the reasons that young stroke survivors are such an overlooked group is that so many of us are trying to live as normal a life as possible that others can easily forget what happened. I’m regularly told…


I was watching this show last night and some lady had a goal she wanted to accomplish by the time she is 45 years old.  I forget what the goal was.  By the time I’m 45 I just want to be able to like, write my name in less than 10 minutes.


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