I have spent the vast majority of my life pretending to be happy when I so, so wasn’t.  Then I had a stroke when I was 30.  How much can one person take, seriously?  I have referred to the stroke as an interruption in my life and Lori once asked me if it was a good interruption or a […]


I walk a fine line with some of the things that I say on here considering my profession.  I totally get that.  But I have decided that the importance of this blog wildly outweighs and trumps any offense that I may cause.  And also, I could care less if I offend anyone.  I have been […]

Centralization and Peripheralization

Centralization and Peripheralization are 2 words I used to use everyday, multiple times a day but haven’t used them in 3 years.  I can’t believe I never did a blog post about this before.  This used to be my thing.  I just used those words again helping out someone with neck pain and it was […]

Random Thoughts

When this happened to me, I could’ve been like….well what the f***?  Why me?  Why did this happen and why did I survive?   This is bullshit.  Wait, I did think that.  A LOT.  A lot a lot a lot.  A lot.  I think most people in my situation would’ve checked out.  But I didn’t and […]

Grumpy Cat Birthday

Today is Grumpy Cat’s birthday.  I had to commemorate it.  I apologize if I’ve used some of these before.


On my stats page there was the search term “symptoms.”  Now, this could mean a whole hell of a lot of things and obviously I have no idea what specifically the person who searched that wanted to know.  But I’ll write something with the word ‘symptoms’ in mind.  All the smart people who know so much about […]

Question to Mariell L. Jessup, MD as President American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

Dean wrote this….. Please pass on to Mariell L. Jessup, MD in her responsibility as President American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. In your Stroke Rounds column, can you address the 5 known causes of the neuronal cascade of death and what is being done to solve them? 1.  Excitotoxicity 2.  Glutamate poisoning 3.  Pericytes strangling […]


The problem with Kundalini Yoga and why it’s not taken seriously by doctors and insurance companies is that is has the word ‘yoga’ in its name.  As soon as people hear the word ‘yoga,’ a certain image is conjured in the brain – an image that is EXTREMELY incorrect.  Kundalini is authentic yoga and was […]


There are some things about me that shock people.  Mostly it’s the things that I say.  I’ll give you an example.  The other day I was in a conversation with a couple of people and my friend said to me “you’re always thinking.”  This is what I replied……”some would say that I think too much. […]

Sleep and Rest

There is a theme in stroke recovery and that theme is ‘repetition.’  I say it all the time.  But I think I say it too much.  I think I’m giving the wrong impression.  It’s easy for me to say that now, 3-years post-stroke, because that’s what I need to do.  I need to do a […]


I had lunch a few weeks ago with my old boss, the greatest man in the world, to discuss my upcoming job thing.  We were talking about my capability of treating patients and I told him that I couldn’t because of my tremor.  Because of that, I couldn’t do any manual(hands-on) stuff.  Also, I couldn’t guard […]


Here’s a picture of my dog looking out the window……. This may not seem like a great picture but here’s why I took it.  The sun is out.  Seeing the sun is a rarity in Pittsburgh.  It’ll be gone in a few hours, it’s very fickle.  


The doctors REALLY screwed up with me and were incredibly negligent. Then I was treated for the first 6 months after my stroke by an incredibly negligent speech therapist. The negligence was ongoing and rampant with me. And nobody fought for me. When the dumbass neurologists told me that I was not going to recover […]

Letter From Your Brain

Just a reminder, everyone should read this.  Everyone should also donate some money to Brooke and Zack so Zack can get some much-needed therapy for his brain.


There’s a labrum at the shoulder joint and at the hip joint. These joints, the shoulder and hip, are called ball-and-socket joints. At the end of both the upper arm bone and thigh, the end near the body, is a ball. The ball fits into the part of the joint on the body that is […]


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