I refuse to title this post with the full name of this rapper.  This weekend, Kanye West put on a concert in Sydney, Australia and wouldn’t do a song until everybody in the audience was standing.  He said this “I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and […]

Low Back Pain

My mom had some low back pain recently, she did what I told her to do and she felt better.  What I’m about to explain to you is something that most physicians would never, ever say to you.  Especially orthopedic physicians who think they know absolutely everything about the body and who I have always […]

Instant Gratification

My brain has always worked a mile a minute and I was always someone who wanted instant gratification.  Then my brain got extremely knocked around and there was nothing instant about any gratification.  For the first 2 years, there was absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING, in terms of gratification so it wouldn’t have mattered […]

Accessory Motion

I’m really starting to like this new job of mine reviewing charts.  It fits perfectly well with my introverted personality.  It also will give me a lot of ideas for blog posts because I’ll be seeing words that I haven’t used in a while.  So it’s perfect for me too right now to get used […]

Hi how are ya?

I haven’t done a post in about 10 days and just wanted to see how everyone is. I was just on a trip visiting a friend. Had a fantastic time! But now it’s time to get back to reality. ^^^^ So I had a stroke. Now I’m definitely no longer a normal. Well, I was […]


I’m really good with words (hence the popularity and continued growth of this blog).  And because of that, I’m really good at being mean to people and making them feel like crap.  But I hate this about myself.  I have spent the last week being really depressed and that depression was triggered by a mean […]

Meditation and Chanting

Growing up, my sister was the one who was very much into all this stuff, all this Eastern stuff, not me at all.  Then I got a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and became a physical therapist/practitioner of Western Medicine and kind of thought I knew everything about everything and poo-poohed alternative stuff.  Although, as Dean […]

Medical Information

In my last post, I said I was done referencing the personal attack made on MY blog.  I guess that was a lie because I want to address it again.  I don’t want to address it because it’s still making me angry or anything, I just want to clear something up just in case anyone […]


Barb e-mailed me a question recently that stumped me.  She said that her spastic arm went limp one day.  Now in all of my medical training that I don’t have, I learned that it is always going to be flaccidity followed by spasticity.  But as we all know, medical training can be so very wrong.  […]


I was just attacked (by words) on my own blog on this post.  If I’m helping you somehow and you’d like me to continue writing this blog, please leave a comment and say so.  According to this comment that was made on my public blog for everyone to see, I’m extremely offensive.  If that is […]

Social Media

The internet was created for the sole purpose of creating and sharing cat videos.  That’s it.  The why Al Gore invented the internet.  It’s very strange that Al Gore has been mentioned on my blog 2 days in a row.  Ummm, WTH?  But some other people have figured out some useful things to do with […]


I have a new job that I’ve been doing since April.  I’m reviewing charts written by physical therapists and I’ve seen this word a lot: kinesiotape.  Kinesio Tape is a brand name, the therapist is just talking about elastic tape that can be used on skin.  Doing this and taping joints into certain positions can help […]

Don’t Say These Things

At the bottom of my posts there are buttons under something that says “share this.”  Well, this blog post was shared 704 times on Facebook.  Jesus H. Christ.  I linked to this post before and I’m doing it again because obviously everyone who blew out some brain agrees with these and of these things has […]

Adherent Nerve Root

I haven’t published 2 posts in one day in a while…. I wrote a post about nerve glides the other day and it made me think of this because nerve glides, well flossing, apparently the interweb likes the term “nerve flossing” better.  Nerve flossing is the way to treat this issue.  You have back pain […]


I really need to write a book.  The author of the great Stronger After Stroke, is a Physical Therapist Assistant who has been researching nothing but strokes for I think like 20 years or something?  Maybe that number’s wrong, I loaned my book out to Pat who actually wants to learn and try to understand […]


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