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Hi everyone! The story of my stroke begins a little over a year ago.  I was at work as a physical therapist.  I had a very promising career ahead of me as I had just become “Mckenzie certified” after only 4 years of practice.  That’s a big deal in the PT world.  Then everything changed.  I had just arrived at work and I felt/heard something in my neck.  I thought it would go away but it didn’t.  It all happened very fast.  The next thing that happened was my legs stopped working and I collapsed.  Then I got really nauseous and vomited on the floor, several times.  Then I passed out.  Next thing I knew I woke up in the ICU 3 days later.  I had had a massive cerebellar stroke that affected both sides of my brain.  Really it was 2 strokes.  I was 30 years old.  I had a cranial decompression to allow my brain to swell.  So I was bald.  I knew right away – a bald head only means one thing – brain surgery.  I was more upset at the time about losing my hair, I had really nice hair.  🙂  I have a lot of deficits.  I have poor balance, an intention tremor, ataxia, and my speech is very messed up.  However, I have made a ton of progress in a year because I worked hard.  I refuse to settle for anything less than a full recovery.  I’m doing this blog because it will be therapeutic for me and I want other stroke survivors to know that there is hope if you work hard.  The brain is constantly changing and adapting, even as an adult and it happens forever.  So don’t believe anyone telling you that the way you are in 6 months/a year/2 years is how you’re going to be forever.  That’s malarky!  The reason I named this blog what I did is because there is a lot less information on the internet about cerebellar strokes.  I think this blog will help all stroke survivors but I especially want cerebellar stroke survivors to have this as a resource.  Here’s a good site.  Happy reading!  🙂

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  1. Hi Amy. Nice to meet you. I just discovered your blog as a link off another survivor’s blog I follow. Looks good. I’m adding your RSS feed to my home page.

  2. I had a stroke two years ago, It affected my left side and my left eye. I do pretty well(I had no pt, no insurance) but it makes me mad when nurses comment that it looks like I never had a stroke. I usually tell them to spend 5 seconds in my body with a left side that feels like its made of stone. They leave the examine room telling me to get dressed, leaving me wondering how I can get down from the table without killing myself.

  3. My husband suffered 3 Cerebellar strokes in less than 24 hours. He was in ICU for 34 days. He is now at a long term acute hospital for occupational, physical and speech therapy where he in progressing. He could not move his right side. After being at this facility for only 10 days he is taking steps with a walker. He still has a trachea and feeding tube but is now eating pureed foods and regular drinks. We are having trouble getting him on the correct blood thinner. The doctors call him a MIRACLE!! I say Thanks GOD!!

    • Hi Sheila, my husband just had a cerebellar stroke that affected both sides and was in the ICU for 30 days and is now in an LTAC hospital. He has only been there for 5 days but I already see improvements. He s only 37 years old. We have 2 young boys ages 1 and 3. Our world has been turned upside down. I hope that my husbands young age and his strength will help him recover fully one day. He has so much to live for. I’m praying my husband will be considered a miracle also!!! Keeping you in my prayers. ❤️

    • Sheila, your story is inspiring. How old is your husband? My dad had a cerebellar stroke with hemorrhagic conversion 3 weeks ago, and he is very weak. They are starting PT very slowly.

  4. Hello! I am really interested to know what you meant when you said you worked hard and recovered. What types of things did you do? Physiotherapy? Drugs? Very interested to know what improvements you made and how. Thank you!

  5. Hi beautiful lady, I hope this finds you well & in good spirits! I’m so sorry you experienced strokes and we’re left with deficits. I’m so very proud of you for sharing your experience so that others can have hope. Your heart is sweet & your strength is admirable! Keep up the hard work!!!

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