Month: May 2012

Bells and Whistles

When you’re in the hospital, you might be hooked up to all kinds of different wires and machines.  When you’re in the ICU this is definitely going to be the case.  It’s pretty traumatic to see a loved one hooked… Read More ›

Speech Therapy

Today in speech therapy I had a laryngeal stroboscopy.  This is where they stick a camera on the end of a tube and stick it in your mouth to look at your vocal cords.  The goal of this is to… Read More ›

Individualized Therapy

When I say therapy, I’m encompassing all therapies.  That means physical, occupational, and speech.  After I had a stroke, I realized some stuff.  Some of this stuff it seems should be common sense but it’s not.  We learned about strokes… Read More ›

My Gait

Gait just means the way you walk.  In PT school, we were taught to look for certain things when evaluating someone’s gait.  Well, after the stroke I was lucky to stand up.  My gait – terrible to say the least. … Read More ›


The stroke was caused by a blood clot. So I was put on Coumadin(Warfarin) for 6 months. I have learned that this is standard after a blood clot is discovered. You have to take Coumadin(a blood thinner) for 6 months…. Read More ›