I always had migraines my whole life.  I know what head pain feels like.  Weird thing is I didn’t get a headache when I was having a stroke.  Usually, a really bad headache accompanies a stroke.  After the stroke, I got A LOT of headaches.  Sometimes, they would last for days at a time and cause vomiting.  For a few months after the stroke I was terrified and so was everyone in my life so I went to the ER a lot.  I had a lot of CT scans but it was always OK.  Just a migraine.  Just?  A really bad headache is nothing to take lightly at all.  I think for some time after a stroke more headaches are to be expected.  I never got a straight answer about headaches after a stroke from a doctor but on every message board about strokes there is a thread on headaches.  They are better now.  They’re further apart and they’re less intense.  Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with this someday.

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  1. Well you better not have a headache next week. Love ya
    Mom h

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