You know when the doctor bangs you on the knee?  He’s testing your reflexes.  You probably already knew that but I’m going to tell you some stuff I bet you don’t know.  Reflexes can tell a lot about what’s happening inside the body.  When your reflexes are tested, what is being looked for is if they’re equal on each side.  Hopefully, your reflexes are normal.  When they’re bigger than normal that is called hyper-reflexive.  When they are smaller than normal that is called hypo-reflexive.  After a stroke, your reflexes will be hyper-reflexive and this is why….When you have a stroke there is damage to your central nervous system.  This consists of your brain and spinal cord.  When the central nervous doesn’t work correctly, the peripheral nervous system(all the nerves that go out to your muscles and organs) is allowed to go wild because it is not being controlled properly.  The central nervous system keeps the peripheral nervous system in check.  One funny thing that happens to me is that when I step on something with a bare foot on my right side, my right leg responds by kind of going crazy.  When I step on something the reflexes on that side are not being controlled properly so my right leg pulls up really fast and high.  It’s nothing like it used to be though.

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