Shoulder Pain

After my stroke, my right shoulder would hurt periodically.  There is NO WAY that it was subluxed.  A subluxation of a joint is like the step before dislocation.  The bones of the joint aren’t matching up correctly.  After a stroke this happens because the muscles that hold the shoulder in place become very weak.  The shoulder is an inherently unstable joint anyway and it relies on its musculature to keep it intact.  Some joints rely more on their bony configuration.  It is generally thought that shoulder pain after a stroke is caused by the shoulder subluxing.  This definitely was not true in my case.  This blog post by a stroke researcher states that the number one cause of shoulder pain after a stroke is from adhesions that form in the joint, not subluxation.  So what will help adhesions?  Stretching.  This is especially important if you have lost range of motion.  I lost no range of motion after my stroke, I was lucky.  But I stretched a lot.  It helped my shoulder pain.  I have no shoulder pain anymore.

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  1. Amy – My right shoulder hurts just under the “cap” (is that right?) when I try to lift things and also if I have it in an upright position for any length of time (like using it to move clothes on a rack when looking at shirts).

    I had it xrayed and nothing showed up, but the pain is still there. My PT has used a TENS unit after deep tissue massage (yikes that hurts), and that works for about two days, then back to pain!


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