Individualized Therapy

When I say therapy, I’m encompassing all therapies.  That means physical, occupational, and speech.  After I had a stroke, I realized some stuff.  Some of this stuff it seems should be common sense but it’s not.  We learned about strokes in PT school, but as far as I know, none of those professors had personal experience with a brain injury.  Well, I do unfortunately.  There is nothing – no amount of education, you can have a PhD in strokes and be considered an expert – that can come close to preparing you for what you’re in for after a stroke.  We did learn about strokes, the different kinds, treatment, etc.  However, when I had a stroke I found that the opposite of some of the stuff I learned was true for me!  My goal with this post is not at all to put down therapists, I am one!  There are certain, standard things that you’re going to need to know.  My goal is to tell you that you should do your own research, take your rehab into your own hands.  Your therapy should be very individualized.  If something isn’t working for you speak up and tell your therapist!   There is lots of other stuff that can be done.  Work on what you want to work on and what you think you need to work on.  This is your time and you are paying for this therapy – it’s yours!

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