Pusher Syndrome

Apparently, I like to write about walking.  I guess I’m just really happy that I can walk.  Earlier I went on a walk with my friend to a track.  This track had lines drawn on it to separate the lanes.  I had a heck of a time staying in one lane.  It was really hard to stay within the lines.  My body kept wanting to drift to the right as I walked around the track.  I can explain why this is – or I’ll give it my best shot.  My stroke mostly affected my right cerebellum.  This caused issues on the right side of my body.  After a stroke, sometimes the patient develops something called Pusher Syndrome.  This develops because usually a stroke patient’s sense of being upright is all messed up.  So they “push” more strongly with the stronger side in an effort to right themselves.  Sooo, this patient will lean/list/whatever to the weaker side!  It’s a weird phenomenon.  This site says therapists may be causing it to happen – scary.

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