Do It Yourself

My friend just hired a personal trainer to help him lose weight and it spawned an idea for a blog post.  I always told my patients that it’s a heck of a lot more important what you do at home and work all day, every day than what I can do with you in here 2-3 hours a week.  No therapist can fix you in a few hours a week.  If you know of someone that can, please introduce me.  I could educate them and guide them, but it was up to them to do the stuff at home.  The same is true for my friend right now and the same is true when it comes to stroke recovery.  Don’t just rely on your therapy sessions then come home and do nothing.  That’s a bad thing.  That will get you nowhere. It’s horrible and sometimes, actually a lot of the time, you probably won’t want to do anything but don’t do that.  I know right now it’s difficult and you might look funny and sound funny like I do, but if you’re motivated to get better you have to make yourself do a whole bunch of stuff you don’t want to do.  It gets better in time.  It takes a lot of practice to rewire the brain and you can’t do that in a few hours a week.  Read this

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  1. Hi there Amy! I just had a stroke last week, been at the hospital for 6days, now i am ready to have my life back. I am reading all the blogs about recovering from a stroke and would so much like to have your kind ideas. I could still move my hands and legs, but they are obviously weaker now.

    Much need of help,

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