On Tuesday, I saw the guy who saved my life, no those aren’t the right words.  He prevented me from dying.  I had only seen him twice before.  I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon on Tuesday – a follow up visit a year and 4 months after my stroke.  I’m obviously pretty grateful to this guy.  He did something amazing even when my initial doctors botched everything up.  (I had to get that dig in there.)   🙂  He sang a little bit of a different tune on Tuesday than what I was told when I got sick.  He said that while I will still have some improvement, this is pretty much it as far as recovery goes.  I don’t believe that at all, not even a little bit.  A doctor will always give you the worst case scenario but as a therapist I know that improvement can happen years after a stroke.  It still sucks to hear that from a doctor though.  But he was wrong, I wish they would stop saying that!  Stroke survivors are generally given a finite amount of time to recover but it’s just not true.  The brain changes and adapts for the rest of your life.

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  1. I hope that my doctors eventually read a survivors blog and realize how little they knew, but they are too important to consider that they might be wrong.

    • That is the impression isn’t it? That doctors think they know everything and won’t admit being wrong. 😦 Well there was definitely some wrongdoing in my case!

  2. He is totally wrong. You improve every day! I can’t stand doctors. My friend Annalisa’s mother was told in 1982 that she had about a year to live becasue of her cancer. She is stil here! Can you sing the hairdryer song yet? Work on that and then we’ll talk full recovery 🙂

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