It is said that after a stroke proximal movement recovers before distal movement.  Proximal means “closer to the midline,” closer to the body.  Distal means further away.  So, your shoulder should recover before your hand.  This was true for me.  I have an intention tremor and my right shoulder shook less way before my right hand.  They still shake but it’s better, so much better.  They used to shake if I moved at all.  I used to have to sit on my right hand to make it stop shaking.  I still can’t really use my right hand, and I’m right-handed – that SUCKS!  Now it shakes when I try to carry a glass of water, press a button, write, etc.  If I’m at rest there’s no shaking.  My shoulder barely shakes.  It does, but barely.  I can’t even think of a scenario to write about.  I’m hoping eventually my whole right arm will recover.  It’s the same with anything else, you have to re-wire the brain to use that limb properly.

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  1. How I always remember distal and proximal is that proximal is nearer to the head and distal is further away towards the extremities. So the shoulder is proximal to the fingers.

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