Task Specificity

Task specific training is exactly what it sounds like.  If you want to get better at a specific task, practice that task.  Athletes do this.  If you want to be a really good pitcher in baseball, what do you do?  You pitch a lot.  Every day.  If I had a soccer player in physical therapy – after I did all the therapy stuff to strengthen her muscles – the last thing I would do is have her kick a soccer ball.  That’s what she wants to get back to so we would practice it.  My mom said I should write everyday with my right hand.  She’s right, I should.  That’s task specific training.  I don’t do enough.  I workout a lot and do a lot with my right side but I don’t do any task specific training.  If I went back to a formal therapy program I would have them focus on task specific stuff.  But I won’t go back to therapy because it really depresses me.  So I need to do more on my own.  Task Specificity

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