Complementary and Alternative Medicine

There is this thought in alternative medicine that doctors don’t want you to get better because then they wouldn’t make any money.  Well, I don’t think that’s quite true.  I really don’t think that any medical doctor is consciously trying to keep you sick.  I think they would prefer that you got better.  As a physical therapist, I was considered part of “western medicine.”  I genuinely wanted my patients to feel better, maybe too much.  There is something to be said though that if no one ever got injured and needed therapy no one would come see me and I would’ve been out of a job.  I always used to say if everyone in the world had perfect posture I’d be out of a job.  Not true, of course.  :)  Well, last year I got really sick.  I almost died.  When I was in the ER, I had some doctors whose number one priority was DEFINITELY not me living through this and getting better.  That’s messed up, really messed up.  So I don’t know, I’m super confused.  Now I do some things that are considered alternative medicine.  I’m combining Eastern and Western medicine.  I’m certainly not going to ignore everything I am told by the Western doctors but I am doing my own research and adding my own things.  I suggest you do the same.  Alternative Medicine

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  1. Alternative or complimentary therapy can be very beneficial and most conventional GP’s will agree that holistic methods can be very complimentary. There are lost of holistic methods that can help decrease pain and headaches Cure insomnia and anxiety and more. They leave you with an increased sense of well-being and relaxation.

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