After I had my stroke, I was scared of everything.  Every sensation that I had anywhere in my body freaked me out.  If I felt something weird in my head or neck area, that would terrify me.  I got a lot of headaches right after the stroke and they would absolutely horrify me.  What scared me the most though was whenever my ears would ring.  The medical word for ringing ears is tinnitus by the way.  That used to scare the bejesus out of me.  Tinnitus was the first symptom I had when I stroked.  I guess it actually wasn’t my ears ringing, it was just a really loud noise in my head.  Anyway, that really used to scare me.  It doesn’t anymore.  I’m no longer scared that I’m going to have another stroke when I feel something weird.  Weird things have stopped happening, too.  I now about once a month get a bad headache whereas it used to be every few days.  All the strange sensations in my head/neck really don’t happen anymore.

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