Post stroke fatigue is weird.  Everyone knows what it feels like to get tired but this is different.  When I get tired it’s like my whole body shuts down.  I just stop working.  I hear things weirdly, like I actually hear a noise when someone talks.  It’s so weird.  I just have to lay down sometimes.  Right after the stroke and for a few months I slept a ton.   I think I was asleep for like 3 months straight.  About 6 months later I started experiencing insomnia, that was new for me.  The Kangen water fixed that.  Now I’m on a normal sleeping schedule but I have to take a nap everyday.  I have to nap, I have no choice.  I mean I sleep more than the average bear.  I wake up everyday at about 9, sometimes earlier, sometimes later.  I go to bed around 11.  Again, sometimes earlier, sometimes later.  I’ve learned not to make plans with someone to do 2 things in one night.  Like dinner and a movie…usually both things will be too much, I’ll get too tired.  So I’ll do one or the other.  Sometimes it’s fine though, and it’s getting a lot better.  It’s hard dealing with this because people that have never had a brain injury don’t understand how tired I get but for the most part I’m around pretty understanding people.  I really really hope I don’t have to deal with this fatigue forever but I imagine it will continue to get better.


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  1. Hope this finds you awake HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    Momma Cassalita

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences about your stroke. The information you are writing will be helpful for me to better understand what my daughter may be experiencing, though her stroke was not in the cerebellum. She is nearly three years old and can’t tell me yet.

  3. So that explains it, I would’ve sworn when I first came across your blog that your name was Cassalita. Dean

  4. Amy, I am 3.5 years post stroke. I had a terrible case of post-stroke fatigue, nut now it is resolved. I go to bed around 9 or 10 and get up at 5:30, work a 9 hour day and don’t take naps.It took a long time to get better, but I am back to normal, now if only my left leg would get on board. Marta

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