There’s this guy, his name is Dean.  He’s pretty famous in the stroke survivor community.  He’s done an incredible amount of research about stroke recovery.  I have a link to his site over on the left there.  He has this one post called “what my doctors should’ve told me.”  You can read it here.  I 100% agree with everything he says.  Learn as much as you can about what happened to you or a loved one.  Learn the anatomy of the brain, then learn what artery/arteries was/were involved in your stroke and what area of the brain is damaged.  Learn what that area of the brain controls.  Learn about strokes and what caused yours, a blood clot or a bleed.  I know personally it’s pretty annoying to talk to someone who has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, especially people that haven’t taken the time to learn more.  The more you know the better you can talk intelligently about your condition to doctors and others.  As  with anything else, the more you know the better.

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  1. I so agree with Dean’s post. Thank you for sharing it. When Sierra was diagnosed, very little information or help was given to us. Precious time was lost because it took till she was 7 months old for the diagnosis after telling them over and over that something was wrong. Then, I had to find all of the information on how to help her on my own. If a person who has a stroke can’t advocate for him/herself and does not have someone to do it for them, what then?

  2. I can’t be famous, no one from the medical community seems to be listening to me.

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