The Church Lady

When I was in the hospital, there was this lady that visited me every single day to offer me communion.  Every day, for a month.  I always said no.  I’m not into organized religion.  Anyway, later I found out that she was a nun.  That made me feel pretty bad.  At the time, I feel like I was pretty mean to her and I acted very annoyed every time she came into my room.  She once said to me “God strikes down only those he knows can handle it.”  REALLY???  Then you deal with this.  You have a massive stroke at the age of 30.  I didn’t want to hear something like that then, actually I don’t want to hear that now.  But it was super nice of her to come see me every day.  She didn’t have to.  And it wasn’t just to offer me communion, she would stay and visit and wanted to be updated on my condition.  That’s really nice.  My dad called her The Church Lady because she wore a ton of make-up and  had lipstick on her teeth.  It reminded him of Dana Carvey’s character The Church Lady on SNL.


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  1. My parents gave that line too. I was not happy about it.

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