I’m blogging from the sky right now.  I’m going to Florida for a week to visit a friend.  This is my first flight since my stroke.  So far, so good.  I got to board before everyone else because of my medical condition.  So in order to do that I had to stand in a line of 7 old people in wheelchairs.  That was fun.  The lady looking at handicapped tickets walked right past me and my mom.  To look at me, you wouldn’t know anything was wrong with me.  In fact, I look pretty good so I’m sure there were a lot of people who saw me standing in that line that were thinking “what the….”  I think that sometimes.  One of my biggest pet peeves now is people that park in handicapped spots that aren’t handicapped so I’m always looking for handicap parking passes and looking to see if that person looks disabled.  But I don’t look disabled, so you never know.  My friend goes “it was only 7?  I’m surprised it wasn’t 17.  Seven is a low number for a flight to Florida.  They don’t call us Heaven’s waiting room for nothing.”  That made me laugh.

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  1. And when the attendant finally noticed us she started talking to me about what I needed, not you.

  2. The last time I flew there, there were about 15 wheel chairs in line. I’m surprised no old person asked her why she was in the wheel chair.

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