Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain used to be my specialty.  I was really good at helping most pain related to the spine.  After a stroke, a lot of people have back and neck pain.  Your posture goes to shit, that’s the main reason.  If the pain is caused by inflammation or something internal going on, I wouldn’t be able to help it.  But if it’s caused by something weird happening in the spine, I probably can help.  Most back pain, contrary to popular opinion, has nothing to do with the muscles being too tight or too weak.  It’s a good thing to keep those muscles stretched out and strong but they’re probably not the source of your back pain.  Don’t get me started on chiropractors and getting ‘adjusted.’  That won’t help you at all – in the long term.  The number one thing you can do to help back/neck pain and help your spine is to have good posture.  Obviously, it won’t fix everything but being aware of your posture will seriously cut down on future back pain episodes.  I have really good posture, I never slouch.  I almost never have back or neck pain.  It’s so so so much better to use your own muscles to get into proper posture but I was on a plane recently and looked through the SkyMall catalog and this is kinda cool.  It will at least give your body feedback as to where proper posture should be.  If you’re having back or neck pain, I highly recommend you look for a McKenzie certified therapist.  You can find one here


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  1. Tai chi/qigong/transcendental meditation are other great, natural ways to overcome the most serious of pains, and I’m a walking example of just that:)

  2. Yes the first thing we need to prevent back and neck pain is good sitting and sleeping posture. You are right that if we correct our posture it will save us from back pain in future.


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