Locked-In Syndrome

Warning: really depressing post.  Locked-in syndrome means that every single muscle is paralyzed except the muscles that move your eyeballs but your mind is fine.  Your mind wasn’t damaged at all.  You are literally trapped in your own body.  You can’t even take your own life.  I was told by my neurosurgeon that most people that have my kind of stroke end up with locked-in syndrome.  I came out of this thing extremely lucky compared to what could have been.  Knowing what you want to say and not being able to say it is a different kind of torture.  I can’t for a second imagine what hell it must be to be locked-in.  There was this guy in England, Tony Nicklinson, who had locked-in syndrome and asked the courts to make euthanasia legal.  He asked that it be OK for a doctor to end his life.  He should have had that choice, he didn’t.  He lost his case in court.  But he died a few days later, you can find out why here.

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