Month: September 2012


I get frustrated REALLY easily.  Way too easily.  It would be so much easier if everyone I encountered in the world knew about my disabilities.  I think I would get a lot less angry if everyone just knew and treated… Read More ›

Stem Cells

Stem Cells are a hot, hot, hot, hot topic.  Not sure what stem cells are exactly?  They’re cells taken from either an embryo(embryonic stem cells) and cells taken from kids or adults, usually from bone marrow but can be obtained… Read More ›

The Spine

The spine should look like a backwards ‘S.’  When looked at from the side, your spine from right beneath your skull to the tailbone should form a backwards ‘S.’  It should look like this AT ALL TIMES.  When sitting, the… Read More ›

Brain Fog

When one has a stroke, that’s a huge insult to the brain. When the brain is insulted, it gets crabby and you’ll experience brain fog. For the first few months after my stroke, I didn’t fully understand what the hell… Read More ›

Climbing Wall Take 2

Last night, I went to my first climbing wall class.  I now know what top-roping, bouldering, and belaying mean.  It was fun, and really hard.  I liked it,  I’ll be going back.  I found more research

My Thoughts

I’m stealing posts from Kate Allatt.  She writes a blog called arockystrokerecovery.  She has written a few posts that mimic the way I feel sometimes.  I’ve often thought I should wear a bandage on my head.  And I agree with… Read More ›

Knee Extensors (Quadriceps)

Fellow stroke survivor/blogger Dean has a post about knee extensors.  Well this relates to my last post so I’ll write about it.  The knee extensors are the quadriceps.  Knee extension means the leg straightens.  The quads are the big muscles on the… Read More ›

Center of Gravity

I was talking to my friend recently(the OT) and she said that she used to date a guy who thought she was super strong because she could lift and move really heavy people.  Well, she’s not super strong(sorry Vic).  It’s… Read More ›


A stroke can wipe out your memories.  Everything depends on what part of the brain was damaged.  It didn’t erase my memories, luckily.  I have a really good memory.  My long-term memory did not seem to be much affected.  I… Read More ›


I get to talk about whatever I want on my blog!  So this post has more of an orthopedic lean but is beneficial for everyone so stroke survivors listen up!  I am obsessed with posture. I have a friend that… Read More ›


Everyone has heard of an MRI.  Maybe you don’t know exactly what it is – well this is what it is.  In simple terms, an MRI takes a picture of the soft tissues of the body.  An x-ray takes a… Read More ›

Unilateral Neglect

Unilateral neglect means that you completely ignore one side of the body.  It’s fascinating.  I don’t have unilateral neglect but I’ve previously written about topics that I don’t have, so here ya go.  🙂  You’ll often hear left-sided neglect, it’s… Read More ›

Kangen Water

I drink Kangen water.  I’ve heard it called alkaline water, ionized water, reduced water, electrolyzed reduced water, ionized alkaline water.  Whatever, call it what you want to call it. I read too much on the internet.  I look up everything… Read More ›