Climbing Wall

I have read more than once that using an indoor climbing wall is really good for rehabbing cerebellar patients.  Now, when I first had my stroke and for a long time any therapist would’ve been out of their mind to put me on a climbing wall.  But now, I could probably do it.  With the right equipment, I could do that safely and I definitely see the benefit of it.  This is not something I have done, I’ve only read about it but I definitely plan on looking into it.  Here’s what I read.  And this one

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  1. I am impressed Amy, finding this stuff. I’d have to somehow fix my bicep and lat spasticity before this became possible. it would be really entertaining doing 3 point climbing since my left hand would be unlikely to participate. The sudden stop at the end after peeling off might be somewhat traumatic for the plaque in your neck arteries. Oh well, it would be a fun way to go.

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