I started speech therapy again today.  I do therapy at a university so I follow a college schedule.  I’ve said before that the absolute number one thing that bothers me is my speech. Don’t get me wrong, lots of things bother me and I wish a lot was different but the speech disorder bothers me most of all.  If I could talk normally this whole thing would be A LOT easier to handle.  I have dysarthria so the coordination of the muscles that produce my speech are messed up.  I have no difficulty in finding the right word to say, that’s a whole other problem.  When I say a word, it sounds weird.  But it’s the right word.  Today in speech therapy something was brought to my attention.  I have no trouble at all saying a singular word or doing specific tasks.  It’s when I speak in a conversation that my problems begin.  So what happens when I shift to a conversation?  Any speech therapists want to weigh in?  They’re going to look at that more closely this semester.  Since this post is named conversation, here’s a conversation topic for you……that reminds me of Linda Richman on SNL saying “I’m getting verklempt, speak amongst yourselves, here i’ll give you a topic…..discuss.”  Well here’s your topic…I was told in speech therapy that the word ‘buttercup’ encompasses all the principles of speech.  I probably said that wrong, I was told something like that.  Anyway…..discuss!

Mike Myers Linda Richman Coffee Talk



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