Unilateral Neglect

Unilateral neglect means that you completely ignore one side of the body.  It’s fascinating.  I don’t have unilateral neglect but I’ve previously written about topics that I don’t have, so here ya go.  🙂  You’ll often hear left-sided neglect, it’s much more common to have this problem on the left side of the body (meaning that the right side of the brain was injured) but it can happen to the right side of the body too.  This is a good explanation of unilateral neglect and here is a youtube video of a patient with left-sided visual neglect.  I have never treated a patient with neglect, I imagine it would be extremely frustrating.  Vicki(one of my best friends, an OT), I bet you have treated a patient with neglect, want to add anything?

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  1. I used to have to really watch out for left-side neglect right after my stroke. I used to misjudge where my body was and sometimes I’d bang my left side off a wall while trying to get through a doorway…and sometimes I still walk out the door with my shirt half hiked up my left side, or find that I’ve walked around for ten minutes with my sweater slipped off my left shoulder and sitting at my elbow. It’s more little frustrations like that for me than stuff that puts me in danger (like forgetting to check where my arm is to make sure that I haven’t put it down on a hot stove burner…I never did this, but have heard of it happening), but it *is* frustrating to have that reduced awareness of one side of your body…

  2. Thanks for the work you put into this blog. Much appreciated.

    A year ago last Jan I had a right-sided head bleed and went from being a physician to being a patient. (see http://www.strokedaze.com) Left-sided neglect was no longer a medical curiosity for me, but a reality. My speech therapist addressed this by having me read–which I was able to do so on my iPhone with the Kindle app. Reading was the key and for me the breakthrough in overcoming this condition.

    My stroke wiped out the left, lower part of my visual field so ebooks gave me flexibility of the print that regular books did not provide. Within a month of forced reading. I stopped banging into the left side of doorways, etc.

  3. Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find out
    some additional information.


  1. Unilateral Neglect – mycerebellarstrokerecovery

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