Everyone has heard of an MRI.  Maybe you don’t know exactly what it is – well this is what it is.  In simple terms, an MRI takes a picture of the soft tissues of the body.  An x-ray takes a picture of bones.  So if you break a bone, you get an x-ray.  If you tear your ACL or have a stroke (like me!!!) you get an MRI.  Well hopefully you get an MRI if you have a stroke, I almost didn’t.  Anyway, an x-ray takes pictures of bones and an MRI takes a picture of pretty much everything else.   So ever hear of a functional MRI(fMRI)?  This is an MRI that scans your brain while you are performing a task.  They can look at what part of the brain/how much of the brain is being used to perform that motion.  The EXCITE trial kind of kicked off the excitement(no pun intended) about neuroplasticity (rewiring of the brain).  This study showed that when a stroke patient is thought to have no more recovery in the brain, a whole lot of recovery can take place.  Keep at it, the brain changes for the rest of your life.  Site about different imaging techniques.

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  1. If we ever get to this nirvana we will actually have repeatable research results

  2. I waited months for a fMRI here in Canada. I guess they needed it to decide whether surgery was an option to treat my AVM. I don’t remember much about it.

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