I get to talk about whatever I want on my blog!  So this post has more of an orthopedic lean but is beneficial for everyone so stroke survivors listen up!  I am obsessed with posture. I have a friend that says whatever ailment someone asks me about, be it the shoulder or the knee, my response is “Sit up straight!”  Well that’s not quite true but sitting up straight/ having proper posture will do WONDERS for your body.  Wonders.  You really have no idea.  My back/neck pain “guru,” Robin Mckenzie, was once asked “If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?”  He answered have proper posture.  I had a patient once that came in for back pain, I helped him, and he said “even my feet feel better!” A good piece of advice that I used to say to patients about their posture… “Sit like you stand.”  This means that when you are sitting, your spine should be as straight as when you are standing.  I’m telling you……sit up straight!  For a good back/neck therapist, go here.

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  1. Good advice. I need to pay attention to this! 🙂

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