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September 26, 2012

The Spine

by Amy

The spine should look like a backwards ‘S.’  When looked at from the side, your spine from right beneath your skull to the tailbone should form a backwards ‘S.’  It should look like this AT ALL TIMES.  When sitting, the spine should look like it does when standing.  A lot of people slouch when they sit.  This makes the spine look like a ‘C.’  When the spine looks like a ‘C’ we say it is flexed.  That’s not right.  When I was in the hospital, my spine was a ‘C’ for a month.  A couple of things attributed to this.  1) I didn’t give a hoot about my posture at that time and 2) the way they had me positioned made it impossible to sit with good posture.  Hospital beds aren’t exactly ergonomic.  And I don’t think the nurses have been taught anything about posture.  I’m lucky that all this flexion didn’t give me a back problem.  We live in a world of flexion – when you sit or bend your spine is probably flexed.  Generally the opposite motion of how you are usually positioned will help back/neck pain.  Not always, but usually.


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