Stem Cells

Stem Cells are a hot, hot, hot, hot topic.  Not sure what stem cells are exactly?  They’re cells taken from either an embryo(embryonic stem cells) and cells taken from kids or adults, usually from bone marrow but can be obtained from fat and blood(adult stem cells). They’re called adult stem cells because whatever source they are extracted from must be fully developed, the human doesn’t have to be an adult.  Or stem cells can be taken from the umbilical cord of babies and “banked” for later use.   These cells can grow and turn into whatever type of cell you need.  So, the theory is, if you have brain damage, inject stem cells into the brain and those injected cells will turn into new brain cells.  Some stem cells can only be used for the type of tissue they were taken from.  So if stem cells were extracted from the blood, they can only turn into blood cells.  If you want to read a lot of information about stem cells go here.  There isn’t enough research about stem cells and they haven’t been approved by the FDA or else they would use it as a first line of treatment, wouldn’t they?  Stories like this one and this one get me all excited.  Right now, you have to go overseas for stem cell therapy, and it’s very expensive.   I’m not sure of all the laws on stem cells in the US.  There are a lot, and different states have different rules.  But I know it’s legal to do research on stem cells.  If Peter G. Levine thinks stem cells can maybe be useful, I would do a study.  Here are some accounts of people who have received stem cells and documented their journey…..

  1. Stem Cells
  2. Stem Cells
  3. Stem Cells
  4. Stem Cells

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