Month: October 2012


Did you ever see the show House?  Well my friend Vicki, she’s an occupational therapist, said she has some therapist friends that won’t watch that show because House uses his cane on the wrong side.  I think that’s funny.  I… Read More ›

Sitting Down

A lot of things that I write about are much easier said than done.  In my post, Center of Gravity, I explain the best way to stand up from a seated position.  In Transfers, I explain how to move to… Read More ›


I was in the hospital for a month.  Now, when I was in the hospital I didn’t understand what was going on.  I didn’t understand what had happened to me, I didn’t understand my disabilities, anything.  I really didn’t, I… Read More ›

Bilateral Training

Read this.  I don’t know a lot about bilateral training.  Bilateral = both sides.  I guess I did it in my practice without really knowing it with gait training.  Gait training means practice/teaching walking.  I don’t know a lot about… Read More ›


FES stands for a bunch of things. When I googled ‘FES,’ a whole bunch of things came up. Well, in the therapy world FES stands for functional electrical stimulation. I never had any e-stim after my stroke. It wouldn’t have… Read More ›


I had A LOT of imaging when this happened and for about a year after.  Imaging is the term used for all the internal pictures they do.  So, an x-ray, MRI, CT scan – all that stuff is collectively called… Read More ›


These are pictures of a homunculus.  It took me a while to really understand this concept in PT school.  I don’t know why, it seems so easy to understand now.  A homunculus is a representation of what area/how much of the brain control what… Read More ›


The first stroke I had was really 2 strokes.  The blood clot split, formed into 2 clots and affected both sides of my brain.  This might not have happened if they diagnosed me before 36 hours went by!  Anyway, about a… Read More ›


I used to not pay attention at all to what insurance policies I had.  I pretty much just signed up for anything that came across my desk at work.  I was 30 years old when this happened, that’s plenty old… Read More ›


I got a whole lot of good feedback about my post entitled ‘Center of Gravity.’  In that post, I explained how to easily stand up.  Well, this time I’ll explain an easy way to transfer.  A transfer just means moving… Read More ›


After a stroke, your muscles will most likely move synergistically.  You’ll have synergistic movement.  Synergistic movement means multiple muscles will move at the same time.  Sometimes, this is a normal thing.  Not after a stroke.  When something happens to the… Read More ›

S to Z Ratios

I do something in speech therapy called S to Z ratios.  I was told it really works the diaphragm.  If you know anything about me or have been reading this blog, you’ll know I’m all about the diaphragm!  🙂  This… Read More ›