I got a whole lot of good feedback about my post entitled ‘Center of Gravity.’  In that post, I explained how to easily stand up.  Well, this time I’ll explain an easy way to transfer.  A transfer just means moving from one place to another.  For example, moving from the couch to a wheelchair, that’s a transfer.  The same principle applies here, move your center of gravity and it will be easier to move around.  Let’s use the example of the couch to wheelchair transfer.  Position the wheelchair as close as possible to the couch.  First, scoot to the edge of the couch.  Now, while still seated, lean the upper body forward.  This should sound familiar if you read that other post.  Pull your feet back as far as you can.  So now you should be bent forward sitting on the edge of the couch with your feet pulled back.  Now, lift up your butt and swing it to the wheelchair.  It should be really easy to lift up your butt in this position.  If it’s not, you did it wrong.  🙂  Just kidding, sometimes you will still need help moving but doing this should make it much easier.

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