The first stroke I had was really 2 strokes.  The blood clot split, formed into 2 clots and affected both sides of my brain.  This might not have happened if they diagnosed me before 36 hours went by!  Anyway, about a week later, I had a really bad headache.  So they took a CT scan of my head and found ‘new blood’ in my brain.  My family was given some doctorly reason for why this happened but at no time, at no time, did anyone say that I had had another stroke.  I did.  Make no mistake, anytime there is a ‘bleed in the brain,’ that’s a stroke.  I don’t know how much further brain damage this second stroke caused and I’ll never know.  I’ve been told the tremor on my right hand got much worse after the ‘bleed.’  The only thing I can do now is live with my disabilities and try to get rid of them.  At least I have that option.  You can recover from a stroke.  Some people have disabilities that won’t go away ever.

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