These are pictures of a homunculus.  It took me a while to really understand this concept in PT school.  I don’t know why, it seems so easy to understand now.  A homunculus is a representation of what area/how much of the brain control what area of the body.

See how the hands are really big?  Well, a lot of the brain is devoted to the hands, that’s why they’re so sensitive and we do all of our feeling things with our hands.  The lips and tongue are big – taste and speech take a lot of brain cells.

The knees – not so big.  They are involved in walking, running, standing, etc but not much else.  You can’t put something on your knee and tell what it is with closed eyes.  You can do that with your hands.

After a stroke, the homunculus is going to look a lot different.  It might be lopsided or not have certain parts on it at all.  Your doctor SHOULD be able to tell you what your homunculus looks like.  Should being the optimal word.  The goal is to make your homunculus to look like this again.

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