Sitting Down

A lot of things that I write about are much easier said than done.  In my post, Center of Gravity, I explain the best way to stand up from a seated position.  In Transfers, I explain how to move to a different place.  These are all of the techniques I learned in PT school.  Well, it would be nice if your body cooperated with all this stuff.  For example, in this post I’m going to say at one point “reach your arms back and feel for the chair.”  You might not be able to do that.  After a stroke one elbow might be constantly bent making reaching behind you impossible.  This is one reason that it’s imperative to let your therapist know if something isn’t working for you.  A lot of things annoy me, but one of my biggest annoyances is when someone says something and just expects me to be able to do it.  Ummm, I have brain damage.  So now I will explain how a PT is taught to teach someone to safely sit down.  First, you’re standing – obviously.  You should feel the chair/couch/seat on the back of your knees before you do anything.  So, now you’re standing and feel the chair on the back of your knees.  Ok now bend over a little bit and reach behind you to grab onto the arms of the chair, if the chair has arms.  Then sit down.  NO PLOPPING.  Plopping down is a very bad thing and any therapist working with you on sitting down will say “no plopping.”  When you sit down it should be a slow and controlled thing, no plopping down just because you know there’s a seat behind you to catch you.

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  1. You should see Ted stand up from his chairs. He gets to the end of he seat and sort of hops up to a standing position. I see a hip fracture in his future….

  2. Yes, I remember learning this. My balance is pretty good now, and I don’t have to do it anymore…but I do remember, for a long time, reaching around behind me with my strong arm to find the edge of the chair.

    Your posts bring back a lot of memories…and remind me of things that I should still be concentrating on. Thank you. 🙂


  1. Base of Support – mycerebellarstrokerecovery

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