Month: November 2012

Hamstring Stretch

A few weeks ago my sister did something.  She bent over and tried to touch her toes by BENDING her back (bad) and told my mom…. “I’m doing a hamstring stretch.”  😦  No she wasn’t.  I mean maybe her hamstring… Read More ›

Curbs and Hills

I hate curbs and hills.  I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  There are A LOT of hills here.  It’s a city of hills.  Someone said to me once about living in Pittsburgh….”you wake up in the morning and parachute down to get… Read More ›


That word cracks me up.  Well, it’s not a word.  Will Ferrell said it in an impersonation of George W. Bush.  Ok so, stand up and lean forward a little bit.  Do you feel your ankles kick in so you don’t fall… Read More ›


Today is Thanksgiving which I’m choosing to spend alone for a number of reasons.  Since I’ve moved here, I’ve seen this older lady walking around the streets carrying shopping bags.  She’s always wearing the same thing.  Seems homeless.  😦  This… Read More ›

Craniotomy vs. Craniectomy

Recently I was asked about my brain surgery.  I had a craniectomy.  Actually my surgery was called a Decompressive Craniectomy.  But I said the word ‘craniotomy’ when I was asked about it.  I figure I got it mixed up, so I… Read More ›