Yesterday I had an appointment with an ENT doctor to see if there was anything to help my voice.  ENT = ear, nose, and throat.  My mom came with me, as she does to all of my doctor appointments – I’m very lucky to have a mother like that.  The doctor asked my mother  “has her speech become more intelligible(easier to understand) in the last year and a half?”  My mom’s answer was yes, absolutely.  Then, my mom asked the doctor  “will she continue to get better?”  His answer was that yes, my voice will continue to improve as it has already.  He said “I’m a big proponent of time.”  I love that answer.  He won’t do something that he doesn’t know for sure will help.  My voice has gotten better, not worse, so he’ll probably end up saying “let’s wait a while and see.”  Good answer.  I asked a neurologist if he knew of anything that might help the tremor in my voice.  His response was to prescribe me a medicine and see if it helped.  That’s a shame, I really like him.  But I was very disappointed with his answer and I lost a lot of respect for him that day.  He probably won’t be my doctor anymore.  I’m not going to take some drug and ‘see if it helps.’  If there was a treatment that was guaranteed to help my voice I would do it.  But I’m not going to do something and see if it helps.

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