Hand Dominance

No one ever said life is easy.  If someone ever said that I want to punch them.  Before my stroke, I was right-handed.  The stroke messed up my right side, so now I’m a lefty.  So if I punched someone it would be with my left hand.  But I would never punch someone, I’m non-violent.  It would be SO much easier if I was born left-handed.  But I wasn’t.  A lot of things would be a lot easier if……….  I play the Whatif game a lot.  Remember that Shel Silverstein poem about going to sleep then the Whatifs crawl in your ear?  Well the Whatifs are always in my ear, not just when I go to bed.  This is interesting

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  1. I used to be a lefty…now I’m right-handed. It took me forever to get the hang of holding a pen, because lefties do it so differently than right-handed people. I used to tell my occupational therapist, “But it’s so awkward! Why are you righties such freaks??” 😛

    I used to play the “what if” game a lot…it was probably five years after my stroke before I stopped.

    • Well OK my former lefty friend….I avoid writing at all costs. Any tips on how to hold a pen or write with my left hand? Yes, us righties are freaks.

      • Were you actually taught to do things with your right hand? All of my therapy just consisted of focusing on the right hand, the problem area, I was never ‘taught’ to do anything or practice anything with my left hand

        • See the comment I wrote at the top of the page, before I saw this one. I’d say that maybe a quarter of my therapy time (rough estimate) was spent on either strengthening my right arm and hand to make it more able to do things, or learning skills (writing was the big one, but we did a little bit of cooking too). And I was at an in-patient rehab centre, so there was a big focus on letting you do whatever possible by yourself, so that you’d learn how to do it. Within reason, of course.

  2. Amy, you kinda answered my internal question of whether I would have been able to recover my hand if it was my prior dominant one. I’ll stop playing the whatif game. So my left hand just hangs around not doing much useful. Dean

  3. I’ve been thinking hard about this…it’s been so long that I’ve honestly forgotten how to hold a pen the lefty way. Your OT didn’t make you work on writing with your left hand? They had me doing hand-writing exercises with my right from practically Day One of stroke rehab…I guess they figured that I wasn’t going to get enough back in my left hand to write with it again (they’ve been correct, so far), might as well start right away with learning with my right hand…

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