Toe Curling

I know absolutely nothing about this post-stroke phenomenon.  I don’t have it, have never had to deal with it, and have never learned about it or seen it clinically.  But I was an orthopedic physical therapist, maybe PTs that deal with neurological impairments everyday would know something more than me.  It seems like it might be caused by a muscle imbalance but why does it take so long to show up?  I don’t know, something neurological is clearly going on.  Here are some blog posts by stroke survivors that have had to deal with it.

Dean’s Stroke Musings

Finding Strength to Stand Again

My Happy Stroke

Home after a stroke

Up Stroke

The Pink House on the Corner

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  1. Whenever spasticity shows up in general it will probably show up in the toes. Approximately 40% of survivors get spasticity and if we had curious doctors they would figure out why those 40% get spasticity. I think my spasticity showed up about 5 months in. Even the great Brunnstrom did not address that question.

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