This is more of an OT’s thing but I learned about it in PT school.  I pulled out an old notebook from PT school to practice writing and it was really interesting looking through it.  Students really don’t know anything.  I was being trained to be trained.  Concepts that are so incredibly easy for me to understand and are second nature to me now were at the time not so easy.  That’s what time and experience will do for you I guess.  I saw a word in there that I haven’t seen in a long time: stereognosis.  This concept wasn’t hard to understand but you get the point.  Stereognosis is identifying something with your eyes closed.   So put a cotton ball, penny, or paperclip in your hand.  Can you tell what it is with your eyes closed?  I never lost this ability.  I remember my OT testing this and she put a rubber band in my hand.  I called it a rubber band and she asked, “are you from Philadelphia?”  People born and raised in Pittsburgh call it a gumband.  Pittsburgh has a very weird accent and very weird things that Pittsburghers say, so does Philly.  Pittsburgh is much weirder though.  My dad grew up in Philly so that’s why I call it a rubber band.  I must have fit right in in PT school(I went to PT school in Philadelphia).  These exercises are meant for kids but there are some good ideas on this site.

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