I stole this picture from another blogger.  I think I have to put this link here, but I don’t really know.  I’m gonna take another spin on this picture than the person I stole it from.  This is what I think of soda.  Don’t drink soda, just stop.  It’s bad stuff.  There is absolutely zero nutritional value in soda.  I never liked soda, or pop.  I am from Pittsburgh, I should call it pop.  When I was a kid, I would just have water.  When all of the other kids were having pop with their dinner, I would have water.  This made me feel like I was a weird kid.  No adult ever told me that this is an absolutely wonderful, wonderful, wonderful thing that you’re doing.  It was the norm to drink pop, that’s sad.


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  1. I am giving up soda. The sugar withdrawal hurt at first. I was really craving today, so I ordered a can when I went out to lunch today, and I didn’t want to finish it. That felt really good. 🙂

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