Today is Thanksgiving which I’m choosing to spend alone for a number of reasons.  Since I’ve moved here, I’ve seen this older lady walking around the streets carrying shopping bags.  She’s always wearing the same thing.  Seems homeless.  😦  This is a weird place to be homeless though.  Well a few hours ago I took my dog for a walk and saw her.  She was doing the same thing she does every other day.  She was just walking around carrying shopping bags.  It made me incredibly sad to see this on Thanksgiving.  It always makes me sad but seeing it today made me sob.  If I talked normally, I would’ve gone up to her and said something, but I didn’t.  I should have, what I’ve been through is most likely nothing compared to what she’s been through in her life.  Whenever I see her again I’m going to do something, talk to her, give her food or money or something.  I read this yesterday and it is the reason I’m inspired to do something like this.

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  1. Do you need a gentle hug that doesn’t hurt your brain? 🙂

    I’m quite introverted. As much as I love my family, sometimes the idea of a quiet holiday alone is…appealing. This time of year gets difficult, because there’s lots of “together time” and parties and it gets overwhelming.

    It’s awfully difficult to see people that you know have so little, and don’t have the option of a place to go on the holidays. But don’t fall into the trap of comparing what you’ve been through to what she has. Everyone’s got their own stuff – it’s all just different, not necessarily “less” or “more”.

    Do something nice for yourself tonight. You deserve it. 🙂

  2. You should definitely talk to her. It is your own struggle with the recovery from your stroke and the physical implicaitons of that which will probably make her feel comfortable in your company… knowing that you are both facing challenges. Happy Thanksgiving.

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