That word cracks me up.  Well, it’s not a word.  Will Ferrell said it in an impersonation of George W. Bush.  Ok so, stand up and lean forward a little bit.  Do you feel your ankles kick in so you don’t fall or do you feel your hips kick in first?  If you feel your ankles, you’re using an ankle strategy, if you feel your hips you’re using a hip strategy.  That’s not important, nobody cares and it surely doesn’t matter what strategy you’re using more to recover from a stroke.  After my stroke, I had like NO balance.  Wherever in the brain you had a stroke, balance is usually going to be an issue.  The only way to get better balance is to make yourself unbalanced.  Stand on one leg, stand on a pillow, stand on one leg on a pillow, close your eyes, do standing knee marches, do lunges, do a short walk with one foot in front of the other, make it harder by walking heel to toe, then do that backwards, walk while holding something.  The possibilities are endless.  Here ya go.

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