Curbs and Hills

I hate curbs and hills.  I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  There are A LOT of hills here.  It’s a city of hills.  Someone said to me once about living in Pittsburgh….”you wake up in the morning and parachute down to get your mail.”  Ha.  You know it’s good that I’m doing my recovery here, I have to get used to those hills, I have no choice.  When I move away to somewhere flat a hill won’t seem like a big deal at all.  I’m a heck of a lot faster going up a hill than down a hill.  Read this.  Someday there won’t be a difference in going up or down hill, because I want to move away – to some flat and warm.  But wherever I may go in life, there will always be curbs.  I used to insanely hate curbs.  Now, I still have to think about what I’m doing but it doesn’t take me 5 minutes.  Read this.  It explains how to navigate curbs.

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