Hamstring Stretch

A few weeks ago my sister did something.  She bent over and tried to touch her toes by BENDING her back (bad) and told my mom…. “I’m doing a hamstring stretch.”  😦  No she wasn’t.  I mean maybe her hamstring muscles got stretched a little but she wasn’t doing a hamstring stretch.  If you want to stretch out the hamstrings(back of the thighs), your back needs to be straight.  If your back does not remain straight and you do something like my sister did, the back is getting much more of a stretch than the hamstrings.  And the back probably doesn’t need to be stretched out in that direction.  When you do a hamstring stretch, you might feel a stretching sensation on the back of your knees.  That’s OK, that’s normal.  Most of my patients would feel it there.  Seated Hamstring StretchStanding hamstring stretch, I do this all the time.

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