Month: November 2012

Craniotomy vs. Craniectomy

Recently I was asked about my brain surgery.  I had a craniectomy.  Actually my surgery was called a Decompressive Craniectomy.  But I said the word ‘craniotomy’ when I was asked about it.  I figure I got it mixed up, so I… Read More ›

Stronger After Stroke

I love that title.  In Peter G. Levine’s book Stronger After Stroke, there is a line that has stuck with me.  He said “we’ve had single stroke survivors that made a full recovery because they said they had no other choice.” … Read More ›


This is more of an OT’s thing but I learned about it in PT school.  I pulled out an old notebook from PT school to practice writing and it was really interesting looking through it.  Students really don’t know anything. … Read More ›

Stages of Grief

I’ve been through a lot of grief in my life, but certainly not as much as some.  Everyone has heard of the stages of grief but may not know exactly where they come from.  They come from a psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross,… Read More ›

Pickle Tree

This post is really stupid and has nothing AT ALL to do with strokes.  Vicki, this is for you.  Look at all the pictures I found of pickle trees, they do exist, the internet doesn’t lie!!!!!!!!!        … Read More ›