Thanks for this idea Mom.  A friend and I are taking a trip to get the hell out-of-town for Christmas and obviously we booked a hotel.  The hotel we booked upgraded us for free without telling me.  That’s really nice.  HOWEVER, this presented a problem for me.  You see, we’re going to a beach and all of the oceanfront rooms, which is what we were upgraded to, have no elevators and they put us on the 3rd floor.  Problem.  Thank God they told me when they called to confirm.  Or else we would’ve been S-O-L.  Email me if you don’t know what S-O-L stands for.  So now we’re on the 1st floor.

Categories: Miscellaneous

4 replies

  1. As if they don’t have elevators to the oceanfront rooms *rolls eyes*

    So annoying.

    (Sorry, I’m cranky today. I’m really glad that you’re getting away for the holidays!)

  2. We will miss you at christmas Amy, but have a Great, sunny, beautiful, beachy holiday! You certainly deserve it 🙂

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