About a week into my hospital stay, I had a 2nd stroke.  Or really 3rd stroke I guess, I don’t know, I’m still not absolutely clear about all of the details of what happened to me.  This stroke was hemorrhagic, it was caused by a bleed in the brain whereas my initial strokes were ischemic, caused by a blood clot.  So I got the best of both worlds.  When I had this follow-up stroke, I was transferred back to the ICU.  I have 2 aunts who I love very much and they came to the hospital that day.  They came a lot but on that day I remember saying to my mom “I don’t want to see them.”  To this she asked me, “Why don’t you want to see them?”  Because I was in shock, because my whole entire life was just devastated, because I was bald and embarrassed, because I didn’t understand what was going on, because I don’t know, my brain wasn’t working correctly.  I don’t blame my mother, no one knew what to do or how to treat me.  It was obviously a terrible, awful, horrible situation.  When a loved one has had something traumatic happen to them, don’t question them, just be there.

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  1. Even if I didn’t see you that day, for me it felt good to be there. love you too, Aunt Marilyn

  2. Hi! I love your blog! I am taking a course on communication disorders at a college, and just found this blog today! Already read half way through the whole blog and learned so much! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Hope you are well, and nice to meet you!

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