Sensory Overload

I’m at the ocean right now and yesterday my friend and I took a walk on the beach. I didn’t wear shoes. I realized halfway through the walk that this was the first time since the stroke that I’ve walked outside barefoot. I walk in the house barefoot all the time but never outside. It didn’t even dawn on me to put shoes on to walk on the sand. I guess that’s a good thing. I felt EVERYTHING on this walk. I have heightened reflexes anyway so every seashell, every time the water came up my feet really, really felt it. This one point of the walk there was a strip of broken seashells that we had to walk across and I said to my friend “whoa sensory overload!” Getting sensation back to normal is just like getting movements back and getting stronger, you just have to do it a lot. So the more I walk outside in bare feet and walk on weird things the better it will feel.

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  1. So maybe you want to get the fish pedicure.

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