Suffice it to say I’ve learned a few things and changed my mind about some things in the last 2 years.  EBP stands for evidence-based practice.  In PT school, it was DRILLED into us that your treatments need to be evidence-based.  This means that every treatment needs to have plenty of research stating that it is effective.  That sounds fabulous.  I said this to my therapist(talk therapist), who happens to have a PhD and is the absolute best therapist I’ve had in 17 years, and she said “yeah they did that to us too, but sometimes the stuff with all the evidence doesn’t work as well so we do stuff that is a little less evidence-based.”  EBP to me sometimes means unethical.  If you knew of a treatment that you really thought would help someone would you give that person a sham treatment?  I’m all for evidence but the placebo effect is a real thing and they do things in research to adjust for it.  I don’t know, I’m so f’ing confused.

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  1. The main problem I have with EBP is that there is none for chronic stroke rehab. Its a wonderful Catch-22.

  2. As an RN, I am also drawn to EBP. Problem is with brain and brain injury, there , is too much unknown, and so only using EBP is unnecessarily limiting in my opinion. I used EBP as a starting point and have used my intuition to guide myself into the unknown, uncharted, mystery recovery land. I will try just about anything that is unlikely to cause harm. Sometimes determining risk in uncharted territory is scary and difficult, but the temptation of continued progress is too tantalizing to resist.

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