I didn’t do much in the last month.  I needed a break from my recovery.  Well, a break from actively doing things I mean.  I didn’t walk on the treadmill, I didn’t meditate, didn’t do yoga, didn’t have any speech therapy.  Well I can certainly tell a difference.  My right leg is not working as well, I’m speaking crappier than usual, my tremor is worse, I’m shaking more.  😦  It was very hard to take my dog for a walk yesterday.  Now, part of that is because it’s icy outside but it was just harder to do it.  My balance was off, didn’t fall though, still haven’t fallen. (knock on wood)

Categories: Recovery, Stroke stuff

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  1. Hi Amy, The same thing happens to Sierra. If I don’t stay on her every day, she slips backward…her hand fists up tight, her balance gets worse, she falls more often, her eyes start crossing worse (from not wearing her glasses), etc., etc….I sometimes feel like a tyrant, making her do what it takes to move forward. I try to do it with love and patience, but being three, she just doesn’t yet understand why I’m always pushing her about certain things. I look forward to the time when she is older and I can just give her your post to read instead 🙂

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