The Neck

I don’t know what to write about so I’m going to write about the neck, the cervical spine.  The neck can be a source of a lot of pain.  Bad positioning of your neck can cause a lot of headaches.  When someone’s artery tears and leads to a stroke, those arteries are in the neck.  The neck is precious and delicate.  Take care of it.  The best way to take care of the neck is to have good posture.  Here, look at this.  The first picture shows posture that would be written as FHRS, forward head, rounded shoulders.  Don’t do that.  Don’t slouch.  When you slouch it causes your neck to jut forward, causing your head to jut forward.  Bring your shoulders back, bring your head back.  I spent a great deal of time in my practice teaching people to have proper posture.  GREAT book on neck pain.

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  1. Yep – I had a stroke because I tore the carotid artery in my neck. Here are some things NOT to do: Adjust/crack your own neck. Headstands. Turn your head to the side while in plow position (yoga). Ignore a “whoosh, whooshing sound in your ear.”

  2. Had a cerebellar stroke Oct 2012. Few weeks before that I noticed severe neck pain while hiking. 1wk. acute-care hospital, then 7 weeks in-patient therapy. I still have heavy vertigo and some ataxia. When I allow my head to droop I get stroke-like symptoms (world spinning like crazy). I’ve learned not to let my head fall forward and I get good nights’ sleep if I lie close to flat from head to toe. I am not privy to my MRI and CT scan reports (thanks, U.S. medical system) but I strongly suspect a cartoid artery ischemia (I was told it was a PICA ischemia). I do however also suffer sporadically from atrial fibrillation so it could have been a clot from the heart rather than an arterial constriction. If I ever get an appointment with a neurologist for follow-up I hope to know a lot more.

    • For a long time I couldn’t let my head go below my hips. Just the other day I realized I could. I could do downward-facing dog regularly in yoga. 🙂 Write down all your questions for the neurologist and take it in there with you so you don’t forget anything.

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